“Charlie has appeared on the Bike Shed stage more times than anyone else. He’s particularly good at playing broken survivors – the father in Less Than a Year, Cratchitt in A Christmas Carol. In every role, he strives to find the humanity at the core of his characters. Not that he’s boring. He’s also keen to find the fun, the silliness. In the rehearsal room, he’s a relaxing, constant figure, always providing perspective, strong and supportive.”David Lockwood, Director of The Bike Shed Theatre
“Charlie Coldfield’s Edgar is a fine contrast; contained, uncommunicative, a lonely sedentary widower who spends his days watching TV cricket. The duo form an engaging centrepiece to a tale that examines the impact of loss and what it means to feel abandoned. Tugging at the emotions, Edgar glimpses his childhood and marriage, yet throughout there is fun, laughter and hope.”

Edgar and the Land of Lost, Anne Broom, thestage.co.uk
“Clarke Andrews Tempest is a thing of beauty, ingenuity and complexity. No rough magic in this piece, it’s hypnotic and smooth as silk. It’s a single-hander with Charlie Coldfield skilfully playing Clarke Andrews plus the majority of the dramatis personae of The Tempest. The devisers (Benjamin Borley and Charlie Coldfield) have conjured a piece exuding airy charm in script and performance, heavenly music from The Dalwood Rocket and the potent arts of a fine film maker (Borley).”Clarke Andrews Tempest, Anna Mann, remotegoat.com
“As Daniel, Charlie Coldfield has the unenviable task of convincing the audience that his gentle, rather prim character would do something most of us would consider beyond belief; at least in the first instance. Several times I thought, ‘Is this plausible?’ and each time, however reluctantly, I answered, ‘Yes.’ I kept remembering The Railway Man and the improbable relationship that grew between a prisoner of war, Eric Lomax, and his Japanese torturer. That I did so is a tribute to the writing and Charlie’s performance. He had to search deeply to make the unbelievable credible, and showed the great price we pay when tragedy marks us forever.”Playing with Snails, Avril Silk, remotegoat.com
“The stand-out performance of the night was Charlie Coldfield’s wonderful Aeetes.”Jason and the Argonauts, Ben Rodwell, remotegoat.com