Clarke Andrews Tempest

Charlie Coldfield and Jim Causley

Marooned on the island once inhabited by Prospero, washed up silent film star Clarke Andrews (Charlie Coldfield) finds himself enchanted by the residual magic of events long forgotten. But he is not alone…

Watched over by the impish spirit Ariel (Jim Causley), Clarke’s memories, dreams, hopes and fears are revealed as fragments of Shakespeare’s last play unfold accompanied by song, silent film and physical theatre. Clarke Andrews Tempest features songs written and performed by renowned singer songwriter Jim Causley and projections created by Benjamin Borley with score from The Dalwood Rocket.

Comic, engaging and moving, the show is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed with or without knowledge of The Tempest. It was originally created as a solo performance in 2013 but was redeveloped with director Polly Agg Manning in 2019.

Imaginative, creative and unique.”
– Remotegoat ☆☆☆☆

Blown away by The Tempest at Beautiful Days this weekend. Extraordinary and very moving.”
– Audience feedback

A really interesting fusion of things – you get sort of bathed in Shakespeare, movement, film and music”
– Audience feedback

A beautiful blend of fantastic acting, cinematography and music.”
– Audience feedback