Charlie Coldfield is an actor, writer, director and creative partner of multi-media production company Wandering Tiger.

Upcoming work for 2017 includes the Unearth project with Villages in Action and his first short film as director, working title Ghost Note.

With Wandering Tiger he has recently co-produced their BFI/Creative England supported short film Hell’s Bells in which he also appears as cult deprogrammer Howard Webb.

Previously with Wandering Tiger he has developed the family show Granny Eyeball for the stage (based on an as yet unpublished novel of the same name) and performed in the 60’s set short film Seeing Red in the leading role of Drake Dalton, a colourblind photographer experimenting with LSD.

As a regular member of Nuts and Volts Theatre company he has helped devise and perform their own brand of participatory theatre, including the eccentric and quintessentially British Public Transport Appreciation Society and the bizarre empty shop installation Killing Time.

He has a long standing relationship with Exeter’s Bike Shed Theatre, appearing as Darcy in their first ever production, The Distance, Shaun McCarthy’s adaptation of A Christmas Carol as Cratchit and Marley and Peter Kesterton’s bleak but moving Playing with Snails. Additionally he directed Cul De Sac, which received 3 stars from The Guardian and Sam Randall’s short play Exposure. Most recently he appeared in a co-production with The Wardrobe Ensemble, Edgar and the Land of Lost at the venue, which also played host to the aforementioned Granny Eyeball.

Charlie’s one man show Clarke Andrews Tempest, a multi-media collaboration with photographer and filmmaker Benjamin Borley received a 4 star review from Remotegoat and the audience reactions included the following comments. “Amazing – beautifully crafted and a fabulous idea.” “Epic – moving character and emotion seamlessly.” “A committed and engaging performance.” He also wrote and acted in a one act play The Going Rate at London’s White Bear Pub Theatre.

Charlie is a regular performer for the site specific theatre company Four of Swords, playing buttoned up lawyer Utterson in Jeckyll and Hyde, insane super baddie Aeetes in Jason and the Argonauts and a rough and ready Banquo in Macbeth.

Charlie has also enjoyed an ice cream or two in the seaside town of Sidmouth having featured in one of their famous weekly rep seasons and in a variety of roles for Nightshade Theatre Company.

Other theatre work includes Minimalism for Hall for Cornwall, When Worlds Collide for York’s Riding Lights Theatre Company and Of Mice and Men for Say Two.

On screen Charlie has featured in the Seneca productions documentary Bedlam and as a ghost tour guide in an episode of Country House Rescue. He has performed in a variety of short films, the most notable of these being Lovebombing for Chop Productions and for Sirokh Productions, which won the Ken Russell award at the Clerkenwell film festival. He is soon to be seen in Coco Bean Production’s new short, Doorkeep and Stalemate for Standard Issue Films.

Charlie also has a wealth of experience in roleplay and presentation for a variety of companies including Cambridge University Press, Peel Patients, Actor Factor, Rocklands media and Bitpod.

Charlie lives in Devon with his wife Jeni, daughter Poppy and their cornish cat, Roddas.